Welcome to Vetro Design

Vetro Design showcases the work of award-winning designers John and Frances Hanson. They have a passion for working with glass, melting and transforming it into beautiful jewellery and sculptures.

The name Vetro Design was inspired from a visit to Venice and the Island of Murano. Vetro is the Italian word for glass.

Our work continues to evolve. Designs are constantly changing so we hope you will bookmark this site and come back to visit again.


Proud members of the following professional organisations:
NZ Glass Bead Artists (www.nzgba.org.nz)
NZ Society of Artists in Glass (www.nzsag.co.nz)

We donate beads to the Beads of Courage Programme for The Child Cancer Foundation.


All designs displayed on this site are copyright-protected. The artists consider imitation or copying of their designs a breach of ethical fair play and artistic integrity.


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Vetro Design

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